Discipulus: Quid hoc est, sapere?

Magister: Intelligere recte,
agere recte,
et eloqui recte
omnia necessaria.

(Orbis Pictus)



Latin in Fifty Lessons

Hello!  My name is Sr Tamsin Mary Geach.  I am a Dominican Sister who teaches Latin.  I have a degree in Classics from Oxford University and have been teaching for the last twenty years.   My students have ranged in age between eight and eighty.  I love to teach and my students love to learn from me!  My approach includes traditional grammar learning, songs and interactive activities. I aim to have my students beginning to read real Latin texts within three months of the start of the course. 

Latin in 50 Lessons?  Really?
A lot depends on your commitment.  Most students I have taught have become able to read the Gospel in Latin, and to read the Fathers and doctors of the Church, as well as some Classical authors.  By the end of the sixteen session module for beginners, you should expect to have looked at some Gospel texts and some other liturgical texts and to be beginning to understand how Latin grammar works in a real context.  If you continue to do modules II and III (intermediate and advanced) you should expect to be tackling St Thomas, and some Classical texts.  this would be in three modules of sixteen lessons each.  This is 48 lessons, but fifty to be secure!
Do I teach children as well as adults?

I do!  I have two levels for children, a class for 8-11 year-olds, and a class for 12-15

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